If I feed my dog raw, will they become viscous?

Feeding your dog raw food will not make your dog a blood thirsty animal. What would drive a dog to act like a "hunter" would be if you were to allow your dog to catch and kill its own meals... not serve it to them in a ceramic dish. Before 1930 when commercial kibble hit the market, there were many domesticated, friendly dogs who were fed raw diets at home. ​Raw meaty bones are considered a high value item to dogs so there is a chance your dog may show signs of resource guarding. This is to be dealt with the same way you would if he were guarding a toy, treats etc.


How do I thaw the meat? Should I cook it?

NEVER cook raw meat with bones. Cooking bones will change the molecular structure of the bone itself which makes it very hard and dangerous to consume. To thaw your dog meat, put your packaged meat in a sealed container in the fridge. The length of thawing time will depend on the size of your packaged meat. Remember to leave it out until thawed, do not exceed this time or the meat will not stay fresh.


What about bacteria/salmonella?

Dogs digestive systems are not like humans. All dogs contain highly acidic stomach fluid which aids in breaking down raw meat and bones. Unlike humans, dogs have very short intestinal tracts which allows unprocessed foods to digest quickly. All of these traits help dogs to consume raw diets with ease and without the risk of developing bacterial infections. If your dog does not have annual checkups/CBC (complete blood counts) regularly or has a compromised autoimmune diseases, I would recommend a home cooked diet instead.


 Can my dog choke on chicken bones?
The primary cause of choking is due to feeding portions that are too small for your dogs size. You want to make sure your dog is eating
whole cuts of meat much larger then their throat cavity. Dogs can also choke on kibble, raw hide bones, treats and toys until they learn how to chew them properly.


My dogs poop is small and firm.. is that normal?

​When your dog eats raw, their bodies utilize and digest all of its content. The bowel movements are left over bone matter which makes the size much smaller because they are consuming a biologically appropriate diet. If your dog is having a hard time passing the poop, it is likely because the bone content is too high in which you could increase the protein.


 Why is my dog drinking a lot less water?
When your dog eats raw, the moisture content is between 55-65% from the protein. Dogs who are fed kibble need to consume a lot of water to aid in digestion. Kibble is processed with high amounts of heat and the moisture content is lost through the cooking process.


Can I feed my dog raw meat AND kibble?

Kibble is digested at a rate of 7-8 hours where as raw food is digested at a rate of 3-4 hours. If you combine the two types of food, you are putting a lot of stress on their digestive tract. This can cause stomach upsets or blockages. If you insist on feeding raw and kibble then they must be fed at least 8-10 hours apart.


  Why is my veterinarian against feeding a raw diet?

We respect and support all veterinarians for the quality health care they provide to all pet owners. Unfortunately, the nutritional education they receive is limited to the commercial kibble industry leaders who teach them about their specific products. There are some fantastic alternative veterinary practices who offer holistic dietary plans such as homemade diets, raw diets and more. Additionally, these veterinarians have done additional training to further expand their knowledge on the benefits of holistic care and nutrition. We would be happy to recommend some of these clinics and veterinarians who we have had person experience and training working with.