Getting  Started

Switching your dog to a raw diet can be easy with the right guidance. Our goal is to help advise you on how to feed a diet that is right for your dog. To get started on the right paw, we always recommend feeding our Ground Chicken and Bone. This is a lean, single protein food that will be easy to digest and allow for a smooth transition into a raw diet.  We have alternative protein sources which we call Stage 1 products that would be a great choice for starting on raw.

Here is our suggested feeding guideline:

0 to 6 months of age -       6 to 8% of their body weight

6 to 12 months of age -      4 to 6% of their body weight

12 months of age and up -  2 to 3% of their body weight

**percentages will vary based on exercise and activity level**

After 30 days, we recommend switching to our Stage 2 products which includes a blend of organs at a ratio of 80:10:10 to balance the diet. Once your dog is thriving on raw for 2 months, we encourage you to add variety in the diet to achieve balance over time. Stage 3 products are what we call our dinner blends.  These products will contain multiple protein sources, organs and some locally sourced fruits and vegetables.

For puppies, the transition process is much simpler as they have not been introduced to kibble/processed foods as long as an adult or senior dog. Puppies should also begin on a stage 1 product for no more than 1 week. After 1 week, we encourage you to introduce new proteins with organs.